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What I’m Thankful For

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Thanks Rutgers for not screwing us over this year and just cancelling Wednesday classes. I still left at the same time that I probably would have on Wednesday, but it let me have an awesome Tuesday night with my Rutgers family. So thank you Rutgers, I’m thankful that you finally got something right.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Buses and Cars and Tickets… OH MY!

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So I got a parking ticket the other night for parking on campus without a permit.  It’s a long story, but wrapped up I had been told a month ago by a police officer that if I had a hangtag in the car I wouldn’t get ticketed. I took that information and had been hanging my friend’s tag in the car the 3 hours a week I have dance. Needless to say I wasn’t happy when I got the ticket, and have since appealed it. But what really got me angry was when I called the office the other day to ask why my financial hold had been removed. The man on the phone (who said he was the DIRECTOR) told me that it was because I was appealing and asked why I was appealing. I explained the story to him, calmly and politely, saying that I didn’t feel it was fair because I had been given wrong information. The following is pretty much how the conversation went:

director: Well, you don’t have a permit

me: Yes, but this is what I was told

director: You clearly didn’t get this information online. Wouldn’t you say it was your responsibility to get this information?

me: Like I said, a person, one of your police officers told me this.

director: You can never park anywhere on campus at any time without a permit. I see that you had a warning given to you?

me: Yes, it was on a Sunday, and I thought it was okay to park in a lot on the weekend because that’s been the rule for the last 3 years.

director: You can never park on campus…

me: A friend of mine’s father parked in a lot all weekend and didn’t receive a ticket.

director: It does not matter the system in which we ticket, when we ticket, or how we ticket, you can’t park on campus without a permit. How difficult is that to understand?

(at this point, I’m pretty mad. It only gets worse)

me: Um, okay…

director: You can just buy a parking permit.

me: Here’s the issue I have with that. I was told all summer that I could have a permit for whatever campus I wanted, and then at the end of the summer I was told that I wasn’t allowed to have one for College Ave.

director: Housing told you that, not us.

me: Actually, no. My parents went to a transportation meeting where they were told that I was only allowed on Livingston or Busch.

director: That is correct.

me: Well, I’m not going to pay $175 for a permit for a campus that I don’t have class on.

director: There are buses then.

me: As a female, I’m not very comfortable walking around Douglass at night by myself to a bus.

director: Most of the students feel comfortable so this is the system we have in place.

me: But I don’t.

director: Then you can pay for that privilege.

Needless to say I really despise the transportation department. I’m planning to appeal this ticket, and bring up how I was disrespectfully spoken to on the phone. And what makes it even better, the Targum had and article yesterday on the front cover discussing, that’s right you guessed it…. STUDENT SAFETY AT NIGHT ON CAMPUS, SPECIFICALLY DOUGLASS AND THE LACK OF LIGHTING.

Tanfastic Advertisement?

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Is Promoting Tanning Okay?

I was reading the Targum today during lunch, doing my usual flip through before pulling the puzzle pages out, when I came across an ad for a tanning salon. The tagline for the ad said “Ghostly White is a Frightful Sight” and then offered a bunch of coupons for tanning. Now, I am as pale as a ghost, and I’m okay with that because I know at 40 I won’t look like a old wrinkled leather sack. But what I find interesting is that a few months ago, a huge story broke revealing that it had finally been scientifically proven that tanning causes skin cancer (not like that was a completely shocking discovery) and the school is running ads for something that is proven to cause a disease that leads to death. I have to question then, is it ethical for the school to be running ads, that not only suggest that being pale is ugly, but promote a “hobby” that can ultimatley kill you?

I feel that the newspaper, while needs to run the ads to keep money, perhaps run some that aren’t that directed at suggesting that the natural look, not baked dark, is ugly. It is not the best ad to be running in a college newspaper, while there are still girls in school who are uncomfortable and aren’t completely confident in the way they look. If there is a female who is that insecure and reads this may feel that being tan will make them prettier, and then risk their own health. So I’m just suggesting, perhaps the Targum checks its ads out a little closer before they run them as a way to promote a healthier lifestyle for its student readers.

Gotta Recognize Good Work

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While the hotel staff sucks and doesn’t really work with us to make our experience enjoyable, I have to take a minute to shout out and say what a good job the reslife staff is doing. Our RA’s are always walking around the hallways, stopping by our rooms just to chat and say hi, and really listen to any complaints we have about the way things are at the Crowne. They’ve been setting up all kinds of events for us students: movie nights, karaoke, info sessions… It’s clear that they want us to be happy. And you guys are doing a wonderful job in trying to make us forget the bad, have a good time, and make friends. So to the two RA’s I see on a regular basis, Joey and Naomi, thanks for being awesome. You guys make me less miserable staying here =)

*@!# The Internet

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This is it everyone. The moment you’ve all been waiting for. The residents of the Crowne Plaza are at war with the hotel. I left the hotel Thursday morning for a couple of days, and when I left, there was internet. I came back on Saturday. The internet was down. It had apparently been on and off that whole morning. It is now Monday afternoon. There is still no internet at the Crowne Plaza. I’m sitting in the College Ave computer lab doing all that I’ve needed to do for the past 3 days. Now, I’m sure it seems like a strange thing to go to war over, but let me explain to you why this is such a big deal. We received an email from the RA last week saying that the hotel and the University talked and that the hotel was going to work on getting faster internet by purchasing more bandwith or whatever it is that allows 500 students to use the internet at once. So instead of fixing it, it just doesn’t work at all.


What pushed me over the edge, though, was hearing about my friend’s encounter with the front desk staff. He went down to complain about the internet, and the woman apparently rudely said, “Well, don’t you have computers on campus?” Okay. First off, we don’t live on campus. I am not taking a bus or walking around campus late at night because I need to check my email. Second, we are paying more than the majority of students living on campus to live at the hotel. If they all have internet, there is no reason why my extra $500 can’t get me some internet. Thirdly, front desk staff, don’t get bitchy with us. We don’t want to be here anymore than you want us here. You had all summer to fix this problem and you didn’t. Now you’ve got to fix it. And you better, before we make our first attack…

City has their concerns… What about ours?

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College Ave Soon Shut Down to Vehicles

College Ave Soon Shut Down to Vehicles

Today, the Targum had an article on the College Ave Greening. I was surprised to read that the city and McCormick don’t really have the same things to say about the progression of the project:

“It’s taking a little longer then we would have liked, but we are in a city, and they own the street, and they own the parking meters,” McCormick said. “They have responsibility for the flow of traffic and so you really need to cooperate with getting the answers they want.” 
But the city disagrees with this assessment of the status of the project.

“I would not say that is an accurate characterization of what is going on,” Bray said.

While I think that the University is full of shit by saying that they are being polite in presenting their plans to the city counsel, I’d like to know why this idea hasn’t been presented to the students. I have a few concerns about this greening project other than the parking meters, which rip me off every week when I drive to class anyway. If they close off College Ave to be just for pedestrians, what will that do for all those side streets that meet with College Ave and are full of students with cars? Also, what about the parking deck? It only has two entrances… College Ave and George Street. I don’t think the University has any real idea of how backed up George Street is going to become.

The buses too are going to be affected big time by this. I want to know if they are going to make more bus stops or is it going to be only one on George Street, making it even more impossible to get to class. The transportation department already gets enough complaints about the bus system to bury them alive in suggestions. Things are going to get extremely complicated for every student the minute College Ave shuts down. I hope that the University is ready, and that new students are going to be prepared for a whole new generation of RU Screws.

*Oh and a side note, it would have been nice if there had been a memo sent out that the F bus route changed and now goes on 18 and not George Street. Almost screwed me over today. Thanks RU.

Privacy Please

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You know those signs you get at hotels, the “Privacy Please” or “Do Not Disturb”? I didn’t think it was necessary that they left them in the student rooms. Well, I was wrong. (Before you jump to conclusions, this has nothing to do with using those signs to be sexiled or anything like that). I was on the phone this morning with a friend from home, and we were discussing some rather private matters. I had my door open because  I was talking far enough in my room where no one could hear. However, at one point the phone conversation got rather heated, and I began to raise my voice, revealing some EXTREMELY personal, private, and painful information to my friend. While I was yelling, my roommate told me to go shut the door. I didn’t really see the need, for no one was in the hallway except for the cleaning lady vaccuming. When I went to shut the door, I saw that the cleaning lady had stopped what she was doing, and was standing outside my door listening to every. single. word I was saying on the phone.


I have had enough with the front desk already about the cleaning service so I have not addressed this, but seriously? It is beyond unprofessional and downright immoral to eavesdrop on someone, especially given the topic of conversation and the fact that she is an employee of the hotel where I live. It was a complete invasion of my personal privacy, especially since I was in my room. It would have been one thing if she had been walking by and heard a word or two. But she was just standing there, listening to everything. Listen up Crowne Plaza and Rutgers, if I ever feel that my privacy is at jeopardy, you will never hear the end of it. I wonder if I had that stupid “Privacy Please” sign on my door if she’d just kept vaccuming….

Decent Technology

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I need some sort of explanation. Rutgers, you made it sound like it would be so wonderful to have wireless internet and a place that would have decent technology available for us and blah blah blah. So far, the internet has faltered consistently. As students, when we have work to do online (and I’m not saying this because I couldn’t access facebook for a few hours) and have to check our emails at night, lack of internet becomes a huge problem. The hotel has said that they were going to make the internet faster. They said that two weeks ago. No progress there.


But what has really got me right now is that prior to writing this,  I was sitting playing my roommate’s keyboard when all of a sudden we lose power on half of our room. I’m pretty sure we had to have blown a fuse or something along those lines. The keyboard has never been a problem. We live in a hotel. I’d like to assume that the circut breakers and fuses are strong enough to handle every single room being run and filled at once. A keyboard shouldn’t be enough to make us lose power. On a Wednesday. At midnight. Once again Crowne Plaza, thanks for showing us students how you feel about us living here =/

Real Hotel Life

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Conviently enough, the Rutgers daily newspaper, the Daily Targum, released an article today about students living in the Crowne Plaza hotel. There were quite a few things in this article that, while true, fail to mention the other side of the arguement from the Rutgers students who do not agree.

1. “Blimling said students are not paying any more for housing than they would on campus”:  What the article fails to mention is that the students in the hotel are paying the same amount as a dorm room with a bathroom and that you can stay in over the winter break, and there is only one dorm like that. The dorm that is like that however, only has 5 floors, and 3 of those floors are reserved for freshman athletes. No where near the 500 students would get into this dorm, and therefore, we actually are paying more for housing.


2. “The University also provides a bus service for students, which includes two buses that will run from 7 a.m. to 3 a.m. seven days a week — but at a cost”: Okay, I get that the buses are expensive. But I don’t think Rutgers has any right to be complaining about the cost and need for more hotel shuttles. The reason I say this is that the school originally told us hotel students that we could park our cars for free at the hotel, which is still true, and that we would then have our choice of commuter parking passes for any campus.  Come August however, when it was time to buy passes, the transportation offices claimed that they were no longer giving out passes for one of the campuses, and that we were not going to have our choice of campus. Now, I planned my entire semester’s class schedule based on where I wanted my parking pass. So you know what Rutgers, if you had kept to your plan, you would have made money from students buying parking passes and heard less of them bitch about the terrible bus commute.


3. “It’s a pretty nice place. They have very large room with a private bath and large screen, color TV,” Blimling said. “They have an indoor swimming pool, an outdoor swimming pool, a gymnasium [and] a sports bar. It’s not all that tough out there. And they get maid service. They have parking next to their building.” : While we do have all these ammenities, they don’t tell you the catches to alot of them. a) We have nice tv’s, but they do not have imput buttons for video games or dvd players, and the only way to get those hooked up is to get the electrician to come up and remove the back of the tv. So far, I don’t know anyone who has gotten their tv fixed. b) There is a bar, yes, but what the hell is the point of a bar when most of the students are sophomores and not even close to being 21. Not the best ammenity. c) There is maid service. Personally though, I don’t feel comfortable with people coming in and out of my room with all my personal items in it. So I have been cleaning my own room. But when every Thursday morning I have someone coming and knocking on my door to clean the room, I get really pissed. And I’ve requested them not to come three times. Until the front desk and cleaning service understand that I don’t want them in the room, I hate this service.


4. This isn’t in the article, but my god does it irritate the hell out of me. While we are now considered to be on campus, while we can’t possibly be any farther away, the hotel food services does not offer students any way to use a meal swipe. On top of that, the cafe service they had offered orginially for all three meals now only serves dinner, leaving students to have to go through the hotel restaurant, which automatically tips the waiters. I am not pleased about that because if the service wasn’t good, I may not want to leave a tip, but now I don’t have that choice. Also, the store that the hotel has takes our RU express cards, the student debt card. We get a discount because we are students, but we get a bigger discount if we pay in cash. I find this to be completely unfair because as students, most of our money is on our cards.

So, pretty much, I’m finding the hotel to be one of the biggest RU Screws I’ve experienced, and if you ask me, it really sucks that the school is failing to point out all that is annoying us. Way to go Rutgers, way to go….


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